The White Rajah by Tom Williams

The White Rajah: In Borneo with Rajah Brooke (The Williamson Papers) by [Tom Williams]

A sweeping historical adventure set in the exotic jungle of Borneo, The White Rajah tells the true story of James Brooke, an adventurer who became the Rajah of Sawark.
This fictionalised and vivid version of Brooke’s life as ruler of a war-torn region in the Far East is narrated by a humble shipmate Williamson who joins Brook on a trading missing to Borneo as an interpreter, grows close to him and becomes his lover and companion.
There are echoes of Conrad’s “Lord Jim” in this wonderful book – the distant, exotic settings, the seafaring themes, the richly portrayed locals under threat from pirates/unscrupulous enemies, and concepts of honour, courage, redemption and fairness; Brook, the white Rajah brings to mind Tuan (lord Jim) with Williamson taking on the role of an eye-witness, not unlike Marlow.
A thoroughly enjoyable tale that will take you on an adventure back in time and to far-flung locations.