Lethal Game by Charlie Gallagher

Lethal Game: An absolutely gripping crime thriller packed with suspense by [Charlie Gallagher]

Someone is playing a sick game, literally. A computer game has been transferred from screen to real life, with real people racing against each other and against death to save themselves and their loved ones. Detectives Joel Norris and Lucy Rose are tasked with catching the psychopathic killer before yet another casualty is found dead and someone else is too traumatised to talk to them.
Lethal Game is a very solid police procedural./suspense thriller. I found the investigation element of it authentic and convincing, full of inside knowledge about policing and full of credible detail. Only when I got to the author’s bio at the end of the book did I learn that he used to be a police detective. I wasn’t in the least surprised.
The plot comprises parallel developments in the investigation and the first-hand experiences of the victims; it is a skilfully handled., with visceral descriptions.
As reader, I found myself drawn into the lives of the detectives, particularly DS Rose. Her rocky, unstable relationships with her father were brilliantly conveyed – a highlight of the book.
Lethal Game is the second book in a series, but I didn’t feel disadvantaged in any way reading it without having read the first one.
A really good read.