Lies Lies Lies by Adele Parks


You may be able to tell by the chewed corners that I got this book second-hand: from a hotel-foyer bookshelf. I exchanged the book that I had finished for Lies Lies Lies.

I chose Adele Parks because I read her The State We’re In and was sort-of familiar with her contemporary women’s fiction revolving around relationships. I am glad of my choice. In my opinion, Lies Lies Lies is better than The State We’re In. It’s just a personal view and many will disagree, but whilst in The State We’re In the characters are static and the plot is (to me) strictly controlled, almost contrived in how it leads to its predestined conclusion, Lies Lies Lies is much more unpredictable. The denouement comes as a surprise, but one that is not beyond the realm of possibility and one that provides redemption.

I was particularly impressed in how Parks captured Simon’s alcohol dependency, his and Daisy’s hopelessness in the face of his addiction and Pete’s parasitic drilling under Daisy’s skin. The characters were authentic and had depth.

All in all, a book I worth a try. I enjoyed it.

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