Hostile Witness by Nell Peters

Callie is shell-shocked. Someone out there is out to get her for a crime she is quite sure she hasn’t committed. Bodies are piling up around her as her assassin seems to miss his target, but only by a whisker. Luckily for her, David, her newly-acquired love interest, happens to be the detective in charge of the investigation and he will stop at nothing to protect her. Plus there is a gallery of well-wishing characters who are on Callie’s side against the invisible killer – a killer without a cause!
Nell Peters draws her characters with empathy and warmth. You really don’t want anything bad to happen to them and you really don’t understand why anyone would want to harm them.
The suburbia setting is bang-on: the language, the mentality, the culture. Nell Peters has nailed it.
And then there is the humour; the book bristles with wit and sharp one-liners. Highly recommended!

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