Gallows View by Peter Robinson

Gallows View was my first DCI Banks read. I had watched just about every episode of the TV series based on Inspector Banks Series, and I had high expectations. I wasn’t let down.
Firstly, the plot is plausible and firmly rooted in reality. Believable people inhabit the pages of this book. Their motivations make sense. Allan Banks is one of them. He is treated with affection, but also with a touch of good humour and indulgence. He is an upright man, but not a saint and yes, he does have to fight temptation. I liked him as a human being, because that’s what he is first and foremost. After that, he is a brilliant detectives who thinks and responds to his gut feeling.

The settings are expertly drawn. You know exactly where you are. It is a bit dated, northern place, but it is so real that with time you begin to think you must have passed through Gallows View some time ago on your travels.

The narrative is crisp and crystal clear. There are some contemplations by Banks and some deep discussions about music and the meaning of life, but that is great. That is something that I often find missing in today’s fast-paced crime fiction which has no time or inclination to pause for thought and catch breath.


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