Legends of Persia by Jennifer Macaire

Legends of Persia

Ashley, a twenty-first century woman, has travelled back in time to circa 330BC and decided to stay there by the side of the most powerful man of that era, Alexander the Great. With him, she travels across the Middle East and Asia, conquering, subduing and winning over the hearts of ancient tribes and nations. From the start, you are steeped in history and exoticism of distant times, lands and mores.

The pace picks up steadily and by chapter four, you, the reader, are conquered too. You are plunged into a mystical and arousing pagan ritual, starring Ashley and her demi-god husband, Alexander. You never look back as you accompany them on their trek deeper and deeper into the unknown, closer and closer to the edge of the world as they search for their lost son.

The author has researched her subject matter thoroughly and she is able to give you intimate glimpses of the lives of the Ancients, including their deliciously warped morality. Or should I say, immorality?

The characters grow close to you. Despite their claims to divinity, they are skilfully drawn as mere humans.

The story is written in a first-person journal format, in the heroine’s modern-day language which allows the reader to focus on the events, not the form. Her observations, delivered from the perspective of the 21st century woman, are conveyed with lightness and humour.

A captivating read.



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