The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah

P1070069It is very hard to live up to the original – sacred – Hercule Poirot! Just the attempt of writing another one in the series must be  sacrilegious to some hard-boiled followers of Agatha Christie Original.

Yet, I think Hannah has given it a decent try. Her sense of era is spot on; the hotel is very twenties and the plot is intricate, if slightly complex. But then, nothing can beat Poirot’s grey cells.

Yes, the Poirot we have all come to love and cherish as an honorary British icon of foreign persuasion is only just beginning to take his former shape. Good things take time. I wish Hannah well with developing the character to his full, unbridled glory. After all, I grieved when the Final Curtain fell on Poirot. I wanted him to go one forever. Maybe, Sophie Hannah can give him a new lease of life.


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