Murder Dancing by Lesley Cookman

I am not used to this style. It reads like a play script, a bit Agatha Christie-esque. It’s predominantly dialogue with topics of conversation including tea-taking, sandwiches and gossip. However, it is the dialogue that powers the investigation forward. Libby and her sidekicks bounce ideas off each other whilst the reader sort of eavesdrops.

Cookman creates homely, chummy sort of atmosphere and it is easy to understand that readers love to be drawn into that tight, little world. The chit-chat and interactions between the two women protagonists can be endearing. I am guessing if you read more books in this series you become part of the family. Unfortunately, I only read one of the series so I found myself well outside that circle and having little in common with those characters. Yet. They are just beginning to take root. Maybe I need more time in their company. One day I may get another instalment and see where it takes me.

This story delves into history and the Pendle Witches trials carried out by the infamous Witch-general Matthew Hopkins. Nice touch!



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