The Nothing Girl by Jodi Taylor

Jenny Dove is your average nobody, except that she is also afflicted with a debilitating stutter and a mysterious illness that renders her housebound. A golden horse, Thomas, saves her just as she is about to end her miserable existence, and he keeps her company through the years that follow.

If Thomas and Jenny’s alliance wasn’t bizarre enough, Jenny enters into yet another odd arrangement: a marriage deal with a handsome but skint Russell who is hopelessly in love with someone else, but needs Jenny’s money to save his family estate from bankruptcy. It is at this point that you start thinking: good Lord, this is going to be the saddest tragedy I ever read! The sad girl is heading for an even sadder heart-break… But it isn’t so. Instead, the story develops into something real, something with a heartbeat; the characters grow along with the unfolding events and the tone is heart-warming and cheery. You feel reassured and at peace. You feel magic is in the air.

A book I would recommend for a chilly and rainy evening by the fire, with perhaps a mug of hot chocolate by your side.


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