The Kill Zone by Chris Ryan

The Kill Zone is one mad rollercoaster. It crosses continents and touches on the most deadly threats our world faces today. But it is also personal both for Jack Harker and Siobhan Byrne. Jack is tasked with retrieving Stinger missiles from Taliban. He has to brave the hostile terrain, controlled by Taliban in Helmand Province. There is something wrong with the way the operation is handled. The brutality of both the SAS Command and the Taliban fighters is shown expertly.

Ryan obviously knows what he’s talking about. He know the mentality, the equipment and the terrain. The book comes across almost as a docu-drama. That only makes it more believable, but it doesn’t take away from the nail-biting dramatic tension.

I hesitated between 4 and 5 stars, going for four because I would lived to see more human weakness in Jack so he is less of a hero and more of an ordinary bloke. Then again, how could he be?


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